(412) 441-4405 • Professional Automotive Cleaning
(412) 441-4405 • Professional Automotive Cleaning

Specialty Services

Our Specialty Services will pamper your vehicle.

Clay Barring

No matter how old your vehicle is, the paint is subjected to industrial fall out, tar, bugs, brake dust, exhaust, road grime, paint overspray, and general pollution. Washing and even polishing is not effective enough to remove these harmful contaminants from your

paint. Clay Barring the vehicle, using a bar of clay made specifically for automotive finishes, will “pull” these items from the paint,

leaving the finish as smooth as glass and improving overall visual clarity. Clay Barring also ensures that waxes or sealants bond to the

surface, properly increasing the durability of protection.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone Treatment is a process which lifts unwanted odors from your vehicle. Ozone is a naturally occurring compound in which three atoms of oxygen are combined to form the Ozone molecule (O3). The Ozone molecule is an unstable molecule which binds with mold and mildew, pollen, odors, or other airborne bacteria, causing oxidation, which renders the pollutants unstable. This instability makes ozone a naturally powerful oxidizing and disinfecting agent.

Sparkling Exteriors

We can make an older car shine like its new again.