(412) 441-4405 • Professional Automotive Cleaning
(412) 441-4405 • Professional Automotive Cleaning

About Us

Shadyside details works with luxury vehicles like this Porsche

Looking for auto detailing?

We are located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Shadyside Art District, Shadyside Detail is a short walk from Ellsworth Shops, Walnut Street and a variety of restaurants, salons, and art galleries.

Drop your car off with the professionals at Shadyside Detail who are committed to helping you get the most out of your vehicle. With nearly 20 years of experience, our auto detailing staff will help you keep your vehicle in good condition.

Harsh summer sun, winter road salt, sap dripping from a tree or highway grease – we can eliminate grime from any season. Filthy, stinky vehicle interiors are no match for our detailing products.

Call our office today at (412) 441-4405 to schedule an appointment for your car, truck, SUV, company’s fleet vehicles, or visit our shop in Shadyside for more information. Appointments are recommended.